As of November 12, in-person team practices and activities are suspended until further notice.

COVID-19 Updates

How does my team practice (Return to Play)?

Your delegation’s Head of Delegation or Head Coach should notify Special Olympics Minnesota that your delegation is interested in returning to in-person practice.

Meeting & training
Your Head of Delegation, Head Coach and/or your delegation’s LSMT must meet with Special Olympics Minnesota to go through all guidelines and requirements at least two weeks prior to the first practice.

Paperwork & waiver
All paperwork must be up to date before practice starts including the COVID-19 waivers for all athletes, coaches and Unified partners.

After each step listed above is complete, your delegation may host your first practice.

Does my team need to practice in-person to attend an Invitational?

No. The only Invitational where in-person practice is required is powerlifting. The in-person practices are an additional opportunity for delegations to practice together safely following the Return to Play guidelines.

If individuals or delegations wish to attend in-person Invitationals, they may do so without holding practices prior to the event with the exception of powerlifting.

How to register to attend an in-person or virtual invitational

  1. Delegations should complete the online quota survey before November 20.
  2. Heads of Delegation or Head Coaches will register athletes, coaches and Unified partners to participate in this event using Online Registration. All regular up-to-date athlete medicals and Unified partner/coach paperwork is required, just like regular SOMN competitions. The COVID-19 waiver is also required for all participants. (Check with your Head of Delegation or Head Coach to see if your team is participating. If your delegation isn’t participating and you would like to, please email [email protected]).
  3. Special Olympics Minnesota will email the schedule to participants to let them know when they should arrive. We will also post the schedule online one week prior to the event date. We will schedule delegations for shifts (similar to bowling) as well as the venue that is closest to them so they do not have to be there for an extended period of the day.